Gomel, Belarus

Reconstruction of 8 Marta factory (spraying and finishing department building) with conversion into a business center.

The building is a historical and cultural property of Belarus, built in 1941 at central part of main arterial road of Gomel (Sovetskaya street).
Today the building spaces are accommodated by IT company and bank offices.
According to the project, a glassed panoramic elevator shaft with halls is attached to main facade. A supplementary staircase is added to the left side of the building.
Usable roof level is implemented with solid cast attic flooring and daylight illumination system for office spaces. The basement under stylobate is expanded for utility rooms and commercial areas (retail and services).
The building is equipped with all required contemporary utility systems.
As the result, the project has delivered extra 25% gain of useful area, 2706,45 sq.m. in total.

before reconstruction